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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Projects New and Old!

Sometimes, let's be honest - most of the time - what I need to get my inspiration up and running is a simple drawing, request, or project. When I come up with these ideas on my own I tend not to follow through as faithfully as I should. Friends and family created plans get more devotion which, as they can attest, could use improvement but are still fulfilled!
Deadlines are a necessity for me if I intend to accomplish any serious work.

If you enjoy video gaming check out my friend Naz's latest project: The Pink Orangutang channel on Youtube. I am doing my best to assist with what I can as it is requested from logos, to images and possibly basic animation in the future. I'm less than perfect but he's creating some neat things and has begun updating videos on Mondays. This is where some of my creative time has gone in the last couple months, so keep checking as new things are posted and more of my work is apparent.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Shocking, Just Shocking

It's been far too long since I updated, that being said not much has happened during that time. Happily I taught a couple of classes at the Nevada Museum of Art and assisted with the Nevada Chamber Music Festival put on by the folks at Reno Chamber Orchestra.  Please check my Workshops tab to find out about upcoming classes at the Museum and elsewhere. I also have an opening scheduled in April. Come back for updates regarding that event soon.

Skeleton sketch from last fall
As I explain to those with enough time to sit down and enough tolerance to listen to my ranting, art production seems to be connected to a cycle of loathing what work I have recently created, deciding I should probably destroy all of it, and then starting over. That being said I frequently come back to the same themes over and over again.
Printmaking is so much fun. Every time I get a chance to do it I remember how much I love the process, the materials, and watching my work come to fruition (whether I like it or not.) Thanks, again and again, to the Inklings group, the Inkheads printmakers, and those wonderful teachers who gave me the tools I have today.

SafetyKut Relief print from the class I taught.
There are wheels turning and projects in place but few of them are well defined. For now, enjoy this picture from my sketchbook and my most recent print from the Valentines Relief class I taught this past weekend and come back soon to learn about more Adventures in Racheland!