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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Print Exchanges!

My lovely Calaca print was created for the CALACAS Exchange, curated by the wonderful Carlos Barbarena of La Calaca Press. It was one of the best exchanges to which I've submitted and I am lucky enough to be working on another print for the second iteration of this exchange!

So much fun!
 Last year I signed up for Maria Arango Diener's City of the World wood block puzzle print project. I'm very excited to see that they have done printing and are getting ready to ship out the results! Taking part in opportunities like this are really rewarding artistically. Here is a peek of the blocks all arranged together.
UPDATE: Just got a notification that this print has shipped! Can't wait to see it in person.

Thanks so much for Maria's patience and willingness to collaborate!
I look forward to signing up for more exchanges this summer!
UPDATE: My package finally arrived! Five beautiful panels of relief prints from around the country. Thanks again to Maria for allowing me to participate.