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Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Teacher Tour and More

Last Wednesday the Oxbow Press played host to many art teachers from all over the Washoe County School District. Vicki LoSasso, one of Oxbow's resident artists and board members, and I gave them an informative tour of the print shop and our new classroom space! The teachers asked some great questions, were excited to hear about our newly acquired lithography studio, and created a community print monotype. We were able to pull a great bold print and three ghosts from their monoprint (although one of them was a bit too light to see) and raffled off the prints to the visiting teachers to take back to their schools.
our second ghost, still looks pretty good!
teachers contribute to the community plate by removing ink
 With my two jobs and trying to maintain a life (ha ha, that's the real joke) I hadn't done any actual art in the shop since the T-Shirt printing class in December. My awesome brother had a commission for me back then, but the materials didn't show up until last week. This wasn't so great for my brother's Xmas gifting plans but it did give me something neutral to work on which was nice. To explain, by neutral I mean I wasn't creating anything but adhering to the preferences of someone else which doesn't take as much energy. This beautiful duet of photo album and journal were finished a few days ago and will be shipped out on Monday.

The larger book beneath is an acid-free photo album (plastic free!) and the journal is on top, they were
made with Italian cotton book cloth and florentine patterned paper. January became ridiculously mild after last week, it's been in the 50's and 60's all week with clear skies and beautiful views of the mountains that surround Reno. Maybe I'll do some landscape inspired work. For now I'm going to admire the view and enjoy the weather while it's still around.
the railroad behind Oxbow

Sunday, January 16, 2011

New Year! New Goals - New thing to learn!

Yes, lots of exclamation points! If you've been reading any of the previous posts you must've noticed that I abuse my favorite punctuation mark. However, it is certainly warranted. Though I apologize for my absence you must know that I've been around, mucking about and getting involved in things!

News: Oxbow Press is home to a lithography press! Not only do we have the equipment, we also have stones, inks, a sink and more. One of my favorite artists, Alphonse Mucha, was a stone lithographer. This traditional type of printmaking is done with stones that have unique density and pore distribution. The stones used by lithographers are from a quarry in Belgium that has been mined out for the last hundred years or so. That's right, dear reader, the store where you buy these things is out of business, the materials are on eternal back-order, you can only find them rarely and usually from other printmakers who prize them as highly as I do or from inheritors who don't know what they are (besides strange paving stones). We are very lucky to have made the connection we did in order to secure such wonderful tools for Oxbow. Thanks go to Anne Hoff for convincing Candace to go forward with this opportunity.

more news (and photos) coming soon!