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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More Time Wasting?!

Perhaps, perhaps not! I've been doing a thing or two and have a show coming up in April, check Current for more information, in the interim I'm working with some new imagery. As much as I love anatomy and skulls they've only ever felt like a space to stop and think for awhile. They're a great jumping-off point and will probably continue to feature in my work for the foreseeable future.

For now here is a block I carved. Yes it's SafetyKut, don't judge me it's all I had on hand. This design is rather appealing to me for purely aesthetic reasons, but also because I feel continuity and flow.
It's a small block but has potential. Maybe I'll continue to work with this for the next body of work I'm completing.

*Only recently (3/18/13) has it come to my attention that my images were not loading. My apologies. Have some pretty pictures and expect a few more soon. -R