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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Spring is Sprung

Can't tell you how excited I am to be attending the Southern Graphics Conference International in New Orleans, Louisiana in March.

The Sierra Tap House has also made my show a great experience, they are really considerate and supportive of the local artist here in Reno.

Coming up in just over a week is a show going up at the Joe Crowley Student Union on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno - my alma mater. Not only prints but some of my book art creations will be on display. Keep up to date on this and other projects by checking the Happenings tab.

Did I mention that I have a couple of classes coming up? Check the Nevada Museum of Art's website to find out about their current Tiffany's Glass exhibit and sign up for either my Intaglio or Relief printmaking classes.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Solo Show: Update

Come down tonight to see my work!
After the stress of preparing everything for the show I'm so excited to be at the reception tonight. The Sierra Tap House has been so generous to let me show in their space. At first I was dubious about showing in a bar, but I've been to the Tap House before and I know it has great energy. After this experience I can't recommend them highly enough, if you look at the update they just posted on their Facebook I think you'll understand why:

Tonight at the Tap House starting at 6pm and going to whenever, we are hosting the Art Opening for Reno's own, and very talented, Rachel Kaiser! Come on down and check out her thoughts, forms, creations and talents tonight! We'll have some free munchables as well as our usual and oh so incredible $5 Thursday's Food Special. This means all menu items are $5+ Nevada's humble sales tax. That aint all though, y'all. I've got some bad-ass drink specials for you as well. $2 Pabst bottles. $3 House Cab and House Chard, and we serve Cycles Gladiator as our House wine...so it's crazy legit! Then I made a special fruity yet powerful special martini that I'm calling the "Skeletini" in honor of Rachel's show tonight. If you're wondering why it's named the "Skeletini", then, well, you'll have to cruise on down and check out the Gallery! I'll See you tonight at Sierra Tap House!!!!! Word.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Solo Show

Well it's certainly been long enough! I must admit the holidays hit me like a tonne of bricks and it's taken awhile to sift through the rubble. Gleaning the repairable bits, and  friendship with the amazing Alana Berglund, has landed me a solo show at the Sierra Tap House in downtown Reno, Nevada.

a sneak preview!
Belt and Braces: A Print Show
Art by Rachel Kaiser
at the Sierra Tap House
253 West 1st Street  Reno

Thursday, February 16th

Meet me in person, drink great beer, and see my work. Warning, this art will feature skeletons. I know that comes as a huge surprise to those of you who've been reading my blog since last summer. This show I'm taking as a turning point in my artistic focus. I became heavily entrenched in concepts of validation and subject matter. Those concerns moved me to a very tenuous place and I've decided, both consciously and subconsciously, that I can no longer afford to invest myself so thoroughly in what other people take seriously. Belt and Braces is about letting go, yes the title is ironic and the subject matter is a little too. Anatomy, skeletons, and the idea of copying and reproducing have been present while I dealt with many different issues last year. The concept of building blocks -  upon those slim bones are hung the rest of your body and soul - and the idea of fundamentals - it all goes back to anatomy - are things I needed to work on, they are things in which I still find comfort. 

The time for comfort has passed.

There will be no resolution written here, nor any insubstantial fluff about my commitment to improving my work. Instead I will write simply that I aim to produce. What is the result of my production may be uncanny, childlike, serious, or macabre but it won't really matter if it doesn't jive. Perhaps that's the nature of my work - things trying desperately to fit together, trying so hard that they are making their own adhesive out of hair and using friction to stimulate a melting of the pieces that won't fit. We'll have to see, for now - skeletons!