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Submissions for 2.25 Print Exchange
2.25 International Print Exchange
Summer 2011

This Exchange is over. Thank you for participating. 

The 2.25 Print Exchange came about during a class I was taking from Candace Nicol in 4 color etching. We began learning the technique with very small plates measuring  2.25in x 2.25in square so that we understood the fundamentals of registration, CMYK color and how aquatint and etchings looked slightly different. I was amazed at how expressive my fellow students were within such a small area! Truly it would be a nice challenge to invite other artists to do a similar exercise. After many months of assistance from Candace, research, and networking the 2.25 International Print Exchange was born and was hung in the Oxboo Press Gallery for the month of July in 2011 during the local celebration known as Art Town.

hanging the exchange!
2.25 International Print Exchange is now on permanent display at Truckee Meadows Community College where it can be viewed in the President's office. Many thanks to Candace Nicol, this exchange and the new home of 2.25 would not have been possible without her extensive assistance.  

A Stitch in Mine: My print for 2..25
Lately a lot of my imagery has included organs, skeletons, and other various body-parts coupled with strange things like ships, birds, flowers and trees. This new work has me headed in a direction of self-identification and exploration and seems to be my attempt at understanding not only people's motivations but how they relate to their environments (social, natural, etc.) The piece I created for 2.25 is called "A Stitch in Mine." The print features a human heart in delicate red intaglio surrounded by windows of different colors and a 5 small blue stitches on fragile green-tinted Kitikata paper. The title uses the play-on-words "a stitch in time saves nine" which communicates the necessity of preventative or immediate response to damage rather than waiting until the damage is so severe that it takes more time and resources to solve the problem and could end up seriously hurting the object in need of mending. The paper and print are both delicate, but the layering and folding of them and the application of ink made this print stronger than I had expected.

A Stitch in Mine

Participants in the 2.25 included:

Angela Katona-Batchelor "Trillium" etching, aquatint, softground, drypoint, hand coloring; Lake Oswego

Candace Nicol "Orna2.25" etching; Reno, NV

Carly Huibregtse "Dummy" Screenprint; Janesville, WI

Carole-Ann Ricketts "Yellow Rose" linoleum reduction; Reno, NV
Marina Soto "Dreams" intaglio and mezzotint; Ashland, OR

Christopher Clark, layered printed transparencies; Bourbonnais, IL

Dale Thomason "CURVE" linocut; Lawton, OK

Danuta Muszynska "M.C. Mezzo Sphere I" mezzotint; Corvallis, OR

David C. Laws "Dream Girl" soft cut block relief; Reno, NV

David Mohallatee "0523698CBR" digital, lithography, rubberstamp, string, chine colle; Richmond, KY

David Roholt "Bather" solar print; Lakewood, WA

Diana Hartley "Heading East" reduction linocut with chine colle; Phoenix, AZ

Dinah Coakely "Cancelled Dreams" relief; San Antonio, TX

Emily Benz "Moonrazor" intaglio; Ashland, OR

Ernest Cialone "Oxbow Pear" mezzotint; Fort Smith, AZ

Hector Hernandez "Birdy" relief; Los Angeles, CA

Hem Jyotika "Camaraderie" etching; Patparganj, Delhi - India

Jasmine Begeske "tank" handcolored screenprint on handmade cotton paper; W. Lafayette, IN

Jenna Crawford "Lost" photo etching, chine colle; Ashland, OR

Jenny Roholt "Mary Jane Klimt" solar print; Lakewood, WA

Joshua L. Yurcheshen "Small Dangers" intaglio; San Antonio, TX

Jules Floss lithography

Karri A. Dieken "Paton's Double" screenprint and archival inkjet; Pullman, WA

Kirsten Kinnear "Nevada Sunset" multiple linocut relief; Verdi, NV

Kristine Toward "Ritual" solarplate print; Reno, NV

Leta Medina "Summertime P-Nut" relief; Sparks, NV

Lindsey Morris "SPIN" linocut; Lawton, OK

Margaret Craig "Obtuse" intaglio with chine colle; San Antonio, TX

Marguerite Ogden, linocut; Hallowell, ME

Martyna Matusiak "Lielieby" woodblock, mixed media; Pittsburgh, PA

Michael Baum "Two Minutes" digital archival print, screenprint and graphite; Pullman, WA

Monica Farrar "Gathered" mezzotint; Lafayette, IN

Patricia L. Giraud "Wayne" etching, aquatint, drypoint, handcolored with ink; Tigard, OR

Sarah Sipling "Homeless Part 2" Japanese woodcut; Anchorage, AK

Savitri Pal Salve "Self Portrait" woodcut; Patpar Ganj, Delhi - Inida

Shannon Yost "Set Out" photo etching, chine colle; Ashland, OR

Wendy Willis "Blue Tattoo" etching, chine colle; Phoenix, AZ