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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Projects New and Old!

Sometimes, let's be honest - most of the time - what I need to get my inspiration up and running is a simple drawing, request, or project. When I come up with these ideas on my own I tend not to follow through as faithfully as I should. Friends and family created plans get more devotion which, as they can attest, could use improvement but are still fulfilled!
Deadlines are a necessity for me if I intend to accomplish any serious work.

If you enjoy video gaming check out my friend Naz's latest project: The Pink Orangutang channel on Youtube. I am doing my best to assist with what I can as it is requested from logos, to images and possibly basic animation in the future. I'm less than perfect but he's creating some neat things and has begun updating videos on Mondays. This is where some of my creative time has gone in the last couple months, so keep checking as new things are posted and more of my work is apparent.

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  1. I hear that -- I function the same way! Just get done what you can, and be harsh about your own deadlines if you have to! And if you need animation help, I can help with that c: