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Monday, April 15, 2013

Book Winter

I made all these books in Decebmer!
Often during the winter I have a difficult time responding creatively to the things affecting me. This can lead to the calm part of my artistic cycle that continues through the year. If ever there were a sign that I am a creature of warmth and daylight it is that my love of summer is sincere. As weather turns warmer and daylight hours extend I am more energized and productive.

Orange, grey and blue? Oh yes, it's lovely.

At the start of the New Year I was struck by this beautiful schedule by Julia Kostreva. This color theme was one I hadn't seen before and I decided I liked it so much I would make a journal to match it!

Because I've pretty hard on the books I actually use I decided to use a library-grade linen book cloth and some beautiful acrylic paste-papers I decorated years ago with Katy Govan while she was still at the Black Rock Press. I believe Megan Berner, a teacher of photography at UNR, lead the group that time and Katy showed us how to use the paper as book cover. I don't have much of this paper left but I like it a lot! To stay frugal with such powerful paper is hard for me, but this journal deserved the punch up some orange and gold glittered blue would give it! I decided to do most of the spine reinforcement with cloth and the paper just on the front cover. Though the colors don't match my schedule perfectly they are pretty close and make a lovely pair.

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